What does Lyn-Edge Pharmaceuticals do?

Lyn-Edge Pharmaceuticals Limited is a medicine manufacturing company that distributes medical products to health care providers in Nigeria.

How can I find out about a particular drug?

To find out about a particular drug, review our product catalogue, or click on the contact button to reach out to any of our customer care representatives.

How do I subscribe to receive emails and newsletters?

Subscribing to our Newsletters is simple. Fill in your email in the provided box on the 'subscribe to our Newsletter' area and click subscribe.

How can I get access to some of the products I can see?

You can contact us with details of your location so that we can refer you to the nearest pharmacy where you can purchase our drugs; over the counter; around you.

Can Lyn-Edge Pharma answer personal medical questions?

Lyn-Edge Pharmaceuticals Limited are not in a position to answer personal medical questions but we can refer you to medical experts who offer consultation services.

Can I visit the office location?

The quick contact box which is at the right bottom of the page, indicates our office location or you can click on the contact page and view the address on the map.