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The terms wellness and wellbeing are often times used interchangeably and may be said to also mean the same thing. But the question of whether wellness can be assumed as the same with wellbeing, keeps popping up on various global health reads. Ok, so we can try to solve this by reviewing what well recognised fact authorities have to say about both definitions.

Let’s start with the open dictionary reference. ‘According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘wellness’ is ’the state of being healthy, especially when you actively try to achieve this.’  Wellbeing, on the other hand, is considered ‘general health and happiness, a state of emotional/physical/psychological well-being’. From this definition, we can simply say that ‘Wellness’ requires healthy routines; beneficial activities like exercises, healthy meal consumption and so can only be achieved when we make the right health decisions.

On the other hand, wellbeing is all encompassing. It cuts through and is beyond just physical health. Your wellbeing refers to your overall health performance whether mentally, physically or emotionally. So we can also deduce from this that for one to have good wellbeing, wellness is required and this makes the two terms very relational.

There are a number of wellness solutions out there that can help us to be in a good state of wellbeing. Of course the natural and healthy solutions can not be over emphasised. Wellness solutions like, portioned fruit and food consumption, daily exercising, and water intake is highly recommended to be in a good state of wellbeing.

Adding healthy supplements should also give you that complete sense of wellbeing. WELLROZE multivitamins capsules with natural ingredients like ginseng and aloe vera is well prepared to give you a complete dose of wellness, everyday, always. It is available in pharmacy outlets near you.

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