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It is definitely that time of the year again when mosquitoes tend to be more active. In Nigeria, as we know, April is usually the month that ushers in the optimal return period of rainfall. Malaria parasite is an infection that is typically triggered when one gets bitten by a female anopheles mosquito.

The possibility becomes higher when there is heightened environmental dampness which emanates from the situation of constant rainfall. Mosquitoes find a breeding ground in swampy and water logged areas more than dry zones. This however, does not completely over write the fact that they can survive in any given environment. As long as they can feed, they always exist in most places all year round.

Enough of mosquitoes now. Let us talk about how we can make smart health decisions to help us build the right resistance against infections like malaria. Our regular health ‘to dos’ which includes regular intake of water and healthy teas for detoxification, eating balanced meals including seasonal consumption of fruits and constant work outs are all great ways of keeping the body in good alertness but let us not underestimate the crucial function of multivitamins which helps to improve our immune systems.

You can choose to be encapsulated in optimal health by making the choice of using an effective multivitamins and premium vitamin C like WELLROZE and PELROZE. Taking your multivitamins which should contain most essentially, vitamin C is a sure way to improve the state of our immune resistance to infection; thereby keeping us protected.

If you ever have a need for cure to malaria infection, then you can trust Lynsunate Forte antimalaria with Artemether and Lumefantrine; which is finely made for all ages except babies. Our paediatric variant is Lynsunate Suspension which comes in a favourable strawberry flavoured taste.