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Mr. Buzo is a forty year old business man who trades in motor spare parts, at Alaba International Market -Lagos. He lives in Oshodi but drives down to his spare parts shop everyday. He would always complain of a number of body system disturbances ranging from bone aches to indigestion, fatigue and headache due to the long stress he experiences while driving to his business and coming back everyday. The issue of Lagos traffic is of course no news so you can imagine what Mr. Buzo goes through every day; just to make ends meet for him and his family.

It’s Wednesday and it has been a rainy week so far. Potholes on the roads are in a rather worsened state and the traffic jam is almost driving people haywire. Mr. Buzo is in his vehicle looking all worked up, angry and tired at once. He puts his left palm on his chin and supports his elbow with the inner handle of his car’s left door; while he waits for the traffic warden to pass his vehicle. Mr. Buzo begins to suffer from bloating sounds in his stomach as he waits. ‘Argh argh! what kind of problem is this? Ogini!,’ he laments. He however remembers that he had really rushed his breakfast without settling for a while, in a bid to leave early.

Thinking out loud, he says ‘I really need to find a good solution to this. I am sure my body system will be needing some sort of back up because the stressful life here in Lagos might just get me on a serious break down one of these days. But again, what could this solution be? Ehm! I will call Doctor Timo to give me the best recommendation. For now, let me get to work and away from this hectic traffic.’

Mr. Buzo calls Doctor Timo at close of work, narrating his work situation everyday, and how his body has not been responding so well to these challenges. Doctor Timo recommends a Multivitamins Supplement called WELLROZE.

According to Doctor Timo, ‘WELLROZE Multivitamins capsules contains body system friendly vitamins like vitamins B, D, and E as well as minerals like calcium, Potassium and Iron. There are also other active ingredients like biotin, aloe vera, and ginseng, all of which combines to better brain health, aid digestion, improve body bones and generally boost the immune system.’ Doctor Timo advises that Mr. Buzo takes his WELLROZE daily and stays consistent; so that his general health can improve.

Mr. Buzo is excited that he finally has an all in one solution to his problems. He thanks Doctor Timo and drops by a close pharmacy to get a pack of WELLROZE after another stressful business day. Want to know more about WELLROZE? Do reach out to any of the provided carelines on the contact page.