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Toke is a basking serial entrepreneur that gets stuck in her online retail business half the crucial time of the day. She complains about how she runs through a number of zigzag sales activities ranging from product procurement to sorting and delivery to her end users. Such a ‘strenuous run for the day,’ she would always say.

Well, today is Monday and she is not in the best shape of health, unfortunately. Toke is worried that she is not strong enough to deliver to her customers today. Her phone is all charged up with customers’ calls and threat messages from expectant buyers who have already paid for their items. Tired and not knowing what to do, she slumps into her bed to take a long rest; trusting that she will come through for them as soon as she is well again. Of course, she is down and really taken off by gross fatigue. Toke needs all the rest she can get.

Toke wakes up feeling quite refreshed and decides to take a walk to the Pharmacy close to her to get an energy drink. The Pharmacist Mr. Glow looks at her as she gets to the counter and concludes that she is not fine because she looks tired. She explains her situation and the pharmacist recommends that she gets an immune system booster. He recommends a Vitamin Supplement called PELROZE.

Vitamin C is basically a vitamin supplement. It is an essential vitamin that supports various aspects in human health. Vitamin C is best known for its effects as an antioxidant and its role in maintaining proper immune function. PELROZE 500MG is a unique combination of ascorbic acid in a strawberry-flavored chewable base. It is indicated for the prevention and treatment of vitamin C deficiency.

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